Friday, July 4, 2008

Wonderful 7 Months

Time flies... indeed...
It was all smooth going right after my final exam last November.
Then you appear by my side, touching my heart by the minutes.
and not it is July already.
Back from holidays, back to reality.
When you came to KL, it was all pure fun.
It was a terrible shopping experience, a nice one for you.
Well, it was all forgiven when all the hearts pouring onto me.
Followed suit was the eating spree.
Jogoya, "Tai Tow Har", Naili's... you name it.
Then it was moving house from KL to Penang.
Driving all the way back to Penang.
Then internships starts, my Bi returned to final sem of uni.
Daily we worked and studied.
Nites of countless dinners and meals.
Movie sprees and unlimited mahjong.
It was all so sweet.
When my Bi graduated, I finished my internship.
When you began working, I was in total holiday mood.
Hearts were difficult when we know we are gonna miss each other again.
I went Macao, you went Bangkok.
and now I'm going back KL with a sombre feeling.
Deeply missing the times you were by my side.
Promise me you'll take care of yourself.
and we shall be together in no time.


KarYee THe SamPat Po said...

Proud of u....
Able to show how meaningful love is..


~Evelyn~ said...
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~Evelyn~ said...

happy to be loved by someone like you....