Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Joyous Christmas

Another year has gone...

None of us can believe that time really flies and now we are at the end of the year again.

Sweet memories - we would always cherish and brings back tears of joy.

Bad memories - tend to be left aside and to inspire our life being a greater and stronger ones.

So, what is your true christmas meaning?

It does not matter whether you're busy celebrating with ur frens in da club, or just spending quality time with loved ones.

The true meaning of christmas lies beneath your heart - that's when at the end of the day, you'd look at yourself in the eye and ask:

" Dear oh dear... What have I done to my life? Have I been doing things that I will not regret? or Did I REALLY enjoyed my xmas? "

As for me and Evelyn... we had a really meaningful one. We both agreed.
A simple celebration with lots of love among us and our family.


jordan said...

wish u guys have a great year ahead

Mich said...

yea...keep the good habit, throw away the bad ones

Dominic said...

dun look back and regret...look forward and anticipate!

James said...

It was so packed in Upper Pg Road...

I tink i bumped into u during NYE...!

Choon Beng said...

Xmas over adee...looking forward to next holiday with more great stuff from u