Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giant supermarket in Terengganu

Believe me, Giant supermarket in Terengganu really eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww......
it all happened when i was taking pic enthusiastically in Giant ( la la la la...) while a malay guy approached me n said:

Huan Na Kia: Cik, kamu sedang buat apa?
Innocent me: Huh? Apa?
Huan Na Kia: Cik sedang buat apa? Tangkap gambar?
Innocent me: Hmmm...Ya, Jadi?
Huan Na Kia: Kamu tidak boleh ambil gambar di sini. Delete semua. DELETE.
Innocent me: Mengapa? Tak boleh ambil gambar meh?
Huan Na Kia: Tak boleh. (while showing me his security pas). Saya sekuriti di sini. Memang
tidak boleh ambil gambar.

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(DAMN, WTF, taking pic oso cannot! u tot Giant got gold meh!) *Thus i deleted the pic ONE-BY-ONE in front of that stupid Huan Na Kia*

Innocent me: Okay, sudah delete.
Huan Na Kia: No, sure sudah delete semua?
Innocent me: Of coz la!!!! *i even deleted the Giant Logo outside the building! NOT ENUF MEH?*
Huan Na Kia: Show me all ur pic in ur camera.

*i was like $&&*(@&*&(#@)! i got around 400++ pic in the camera! u wan me to show u all meh? somemore it is my privacy! Damn stupid la that fellar!Like katak di bawah tempurung, dunno how to use camera kot...

Innocent me: Mana boleh show u semua? *thus i just show him the first and the last pic in my camera, but he still looked gong gong like ah beng*
Huan Na Kia: Kita orang memang tak benarkan kamu ambil gambar di sini. Kita ada cctv. Jika u nak ambil gambar, u kena send in application letter then kami akan hantar orang escort u ambil gambar. Itu pun tak boleh ambil gambar sebarangan.

*Pissed off*
*Walked away*

I felt so insulted in front of the public and promised myself not to go to any Giant supermarket even in PG!
Sorry can't post up any picture...all deleted...hahaha...
After that, i keep searching for any notices that disallowed us to take pic and guess wat, tahi lalat pun tak nampak!

* Sorry, i went to Giant supermarket in Prangin Mall after that incident...hehehe....pai seh pai seh...boh huat, since i was in prangin d, so just buy stuff from car park money...muahahahhaha*
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Ananda said...

Those idiots are total and pure idiots.

Useless and junk at Giant supermarket and good for nothing.

We shud protect our rights for photography.

Yegor Karpov said...

Huan na kia...
that is so accurate and tepat sekali...


Kelz said...

you sound like Penangite!



~Evelyn~ said...

hehehe....yes! IM A PENANGITE!

chienchien said...

kesian ah bi kena fitnah oleh huan na kia
that huan na kia nak cari mati d
berani dia cari gaduh dengan ah bi.........


~Evelyn~ said...

thanks thanks lil chienchien for ur support....

sabrina said...

taking pictures in complex?

not a good idea huh.

jimmy said...

i believe they dont have any rights to ask you to delete all your photos.

Anonymous said...

send application letter to take picture?

that is so absurd!

Eve said...

warao...speng blog! very funny somemore..haha

vegemaster said...

just ask the huan na kia to fuck off man..
if i were you, i would just walk away and dun give a crap about that patethic marchan..

Its just the typical huan na's attitude once you give them a certain sort of responsibility. (in this case, the security card)..They will go around abusing the powers given to him.

Screwed up race..